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Review by siouxsie_siouxv2   2 years ago 2

3 stars

Pros: nice guy

Cons: gets added to subs and immediately makes drastic changes without permission

Review by Merari01   2 years ago 2

5 stars

He's a nice person.


2.5/5 stars from 6 reviews.

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Review by kwwxis   1 month ago 1

1 stars

Bad user b/c he likes onions

Review by ManWithoutModem   1 month ago 1

1 stars

idiot who will change your subreddit to the new modmail without anyone's consent. terrible redditor who should delete their account.

Review by awkwardtheturtle   1 month ago 1

1 stars

Bad user. do not mod. Will change your subreddit to new modmail even if you tell him not to. I recommend banning.

Review by nt337   1 month ago 3

5 stars

literally who