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Review by Ghostise   3 years ago 1

5 stars

One of the best mods to ever grace reddit.

Review by sayyaygirl   5 years ago 1

5 stars


Creator of CasualConversation which is a 5 star sub if I ever did see one

Caters to my silliness


5/5 stars from 6 reviews.

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Review by your_mind_aches   2 years ago 1

5 stars

5/5 he's just as miserable as me sometimes

Review by MissyC123   2 years ago 1

5 stars

Made reddit life possible :)

Review by Greypo   2 years ago 1

5 stars

Tizzle can't be faulted.

Review by Ysenia   2 years ago 1

5 stars

Tiz gets 5 stars for being the creator of Casual Conversation, the friendliest sub on the site and my favourite place to go