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Review by hentaithrowaway000   4 months ago 1

1 stars

Powermod who only cares about owning as many subreddits as possible. Only sees communities as trophies.

Review by cyXie   5 months ago -1

5 stars

Reddit wouldn't be the same with out sooz around who I clearly value so much not as a mod mentor but as one of the closest friends I have on here. She values the communities in Reddit more than anything and works so hard on here to keep the communities she is a part of going. I am so thankful for what she does as a mod.


4.5/5 stars from 8 reviews.

Review by billyup   1 year ago 0

5 stars

doesnt act like she cares if i send her drunk pm's

Review by GallowBoob   1 year ago 2

5 stars

Best redditor of all time.

Review by FranklinGelbar1987   1 year ago 0

5 stars

absolute good

Review by Occlpv2   1 year ago 0

5 stars

sooz is great

Review by Ghostise   3 years ago 0

5 stars

they're p good

Review by nt337   3 years ago 0

5 stars

too active