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Review by maybesaydie   10 months ago 1

5 stars

He's just the best but he needs to send me more cats

Review by pussgurka   11 months ago 1

5 stars

Chichi is bae


4.5/5 stars from 9 reviews.

Review /u/orochi

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Review by Isentrope   7 months ago 1

5 stars

Snekiest snek boi.

Review by optimalg   7 months ago 1

5 stars

Would cede hospital room to the Netherlands.

Review by bobcobble   7 months ago 1

5 stars

Best person i've ever met, always friendly, caring and welcoming to people. He was very welcoming to me when I was the new guy and super super friendly. Top guy.

Review by pHorniCaiTe   7 months ago 1

5 stars

Clap bombs, fuck moms, wheel, snipe, and fuckin celly boys fuck

Review by Merari01   7 months ago 1

5 stars


Review by J_Cru   1 year ago 1

5 stars

One of my favorite dudes on Reddit.

Review by nt337   1 year ago 1

1 stars