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Review by glitzyjan   5 years ago 1

5 stars

He asked me to help find a puppy then threw me in the back of an unmarked van. I'm not too sure about him, but the van was a comfortable ride so 5 stars for this redditor.

Review by natergonnanate   5 years ago 1

5 stars

I suspect him to secretly not be a horse.


5/5 stars from 13 reviews.

Review by _BlackAdam   2 years ago 1

5 stars

he is madd and we love him for it!

Review by InvaderT   2 years ago 1

5 stars

He crazy I like :)

Review by Handicapreader   2 years ago 2

5 stars

He's probably drunk with some clock watching rabbit. I'm impressed by his ability to pull in straggling blondes from the wilderness though.

Review by Zombie_Lover   2 years ago 3

5 stars

"Some may never live, but the crazy never die." ~ Hunter S. Thompson

Review by TheMobHasSpoken   2 years ago 3

5 stars

Zebras want to be him; other, kinkier zebras want to be *with* him. Always ready with a kind word and a terrible pun, livening up our community.

Review by tl2horse   2 years ago 4

5 stars

5 stars! The blood of Christ has got nothing on the Hatter!

Review by redneckrockuhtree   2 years ago 4

5 stars

Definitely one Wild and Crazy Guy!

Review by AllAboutLove   2 years ago 5

5 stars

He has shown his stripes and they are magnificent. He is mad and wonderful and witty and charming. :)

Review by I_Say_I_Say   2 years ago 6

5 stars

5 stars because I'm afraid what he will do if I give him less. Also, pretty solid zebra impersonation.

Review by Luckyaussiebob   2 years ago 5

5 stars

Crazy cool. Lives in a wacky land.

Review by Greypo   2 years ago 5

5 stars