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Review by Anonymous   1 month ago 0

5 stars

He's great , always been very helpful and makes reddit a nicer place.

Review by Anonymous   3 months ago -1

1 stars

He's an asshole loser with no life and he gets off to controlling people as a mod on reddit. It's a shame that's where he gets his sense of self-worth.


4/5 stars from 25 reviews.

Review by Rocknail101   3 months ago -2

1 stars

Pedo alert D:

Review by Anonymous   5 months ago 0

1 stars

A dick

Review by nt337   5 months ago 0

5 stars

some rando

Review by MannoSlimmins   1 year ago 4

4 stars

Mods /r/jokes, is a joke

Review by DavidLuizshair   1 year ago 1

4 stars

Uplifter of news.

Review by love_the_hate   1 year ago -2

1 stars

a reddit mod cancer.

Review by MistakesWereMad   2 years ago 1

1 stars

No thanks, too much for me.

Review by Mrs_Holman_7   2 years ago 1

5 stars

Loves your mom, elephant g-strings, and mod abuse!

Review by smarvin6689   2 years ago 3

5 stars

He's great and all, but he's really not all that people claim he is. I mean seriously, I've been in subs that he mods for almost 5 months, and I still haven't been banned!

All seriousness, I don't know where we'd all be without him!

Review by nerdytattoogirl   2 years ago 2

5 stars

A good Egg, but strict if you cross the line. So hold the line .. duh duh duh duh . rules are not always on time no no no. .. ahem sorry. ;-/

Review by PancakeSmuggler   2 years ago 3

5 stars

Ate a pancake once!

Review by InvaderT   2 years ago 2

5 stars

Cute and cuddly

Review by tl2horse   2 years ago 5

5 stars

Loves Star Wars and all things cuddly. Awesome person.

Review by johnnyracer24   2 years ago 6

5 stars

Awesome mod and a great person.

Review by AllAboutLove   2 years ago 6

5 stars

Great mod, fun person, and amazing provider of all things cute and cuddly.

Review by I_Say_I_Say   2 years ago 5

5 stars

Very good at moderating and making gifs. Sucks at secondary flair.

Review by troll9025   2 years ago 7

5 stars

Has very old underwear ( like 20 year old ) , he needs to buy a new one.

Other than that he is pretty cool

Review by madazzahatter   2 years ago 5

5 stars

Some like it hot...

Review by redneckrockuhtree   2 years ago 6

5 stars

One of the hoopiest [deleted] you could ever meet

Review by Luckyaussiebob   2 years ago 6

5 stars

He really does like the heat. Yet still a cool dude.

Review by pyrowolf8   2 years ago 5

5 stars

Pretty bad.

- ign

Review by lizardsrock4   2 years ago 6

5 stars

Enjoy your ten years of gold you gold whore

/s actually a great mod

Review by Greypo   2 years ago 7

5 stars

Great mod, great contributor, great gif maker.