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Review by ANAL_PLUNDERING   5 years ago 2

5 stars

Gave me a 5 star rating. Need I say more?

Review by love_the_heat   5 years ago 2

5 stars

I have 12 years now :) This guy is great. Would rate again


4.5/5 stars from 11 reviews.

Review by jaxspider   4 years ago 2

5 stars

I like this dude. LizRock, is awesome. If LizRock is your friend, you're doing something right in your life.

Review by amazon_fish   4 years ago 2

5 stars

He speaks English!

Review by preggit   4 years ago -2

1 stars

Seems like a horrible person?

Review by Greypo   4 years ago 2

5 stars

I don't really know why I know them, but they seem to be everywhere.

Review by IranianGenius   4 years ago 0

5 stars

Never heard of him until today but he told me to review him so here you go...

luv u bae

Review by flipacoinbot   4 years ago 3

5 stars

10/10 would be a coin flipping slave for him again

Review by LUIGI2323   4 years ago 2

5 stars

guys cool i guess

Review by TrackReddit   4 years ago 2

5 stars

Thanks! And thanks for trying it out! I haven't been able to leave the computer, too much fun keeping up with the activity and making updates. Let me know if you have any questions/comments

Review by Anonymous   4 years ago 3

5 stars

Great subredditoftheday writer, and amazing bot maker! 10/10 great person