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Review by Anonymous   7 months ago 1

5 stars

Wags deserves 5 stars because he’s an insane fucker that likely has to wear a helmet 24/7. Don’t let his troll ass fool you though. Deep down he’s a really decent person who is worth getting to know. His grownup Dennis the Menace Ass shell is as brittle as a cracker. What kind of cracker you ask? Well, you gotta get to know him to find out, but trust me, it’s not Ritz. More likely saltines.

Review by Anonymous   9 months ago 2

5 stars

OKAY so this guy is the textbook definition of a FUCKING CHAD. He's got a NICE, BABY BIRD and he can fucking BAN people for being CRACKERS. This guy deserves the FUCKING award for being a FUCKING winner


4.5/5 stars from 3 reviews.

Review by Anonymous   9 months ago 0

3 stars

Ok, so he has a foot fetish, dunno if he is alright in the head, but sometimes he forgets to take his pills in the morning and ends up talking like a dodo.

I think he is e-dating SuitingUncle