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Review by Anonymous   10 months ago 1

5 stars

One of the best mods on Reddit, and often misunderstood by his haters and detractors. as he speaks his mind.

Review by PowerModerator   11 months ago 2

1 stars

Alright so this guy tried to rape an ant once but then it didn't work out very well. I'm gonna explain why it's bad to fuck ants:

1- Fucking an ant is going to kill it. Which makes you a NECROPHILE, and not just a zoophile (is zoophile the right term? I'm not sure, I never went in a zoo to check ants)

2- Fucking an ant is for fucking degenerates.

3- Ants cannot give consent.

4- It's called an insect, not an incest. Because yeah, uncle is a fucking insect too.


3/5 stars from 5 reviews.

Review by Anonymous   9 months ago 0

1 stars

Ok, so this lil boi is a prime example of a karma whoring power mod, all he does is whine about how many subreddits he mods, you know it was all fine until he raided u/WaglerConure's house at 1:00 am, NAKED and stole all of his reddit awards.
SMH This guy is a bad man, I advise everyone stays away.


Review by commonvanilla   9 months ago 3

4 stars

I don't like karma whores

Review by WaglerConure   9 months ago 4

4 stars

Suitinguncle? More like demotinguncle amirite guys?