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Review by lukecis   2 years ago 1

1 stars

The worst fucking person on reddit, by far.

Review by Anonymous   5 years ago 2

1 stars

Attention whoring scrub.


2/5 stars from 5 reviews.

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Review by Anonymous   2 years ago 2

3 stars

What the fuck is this reviewing shit

Review by XxDarkPussySlayerxX   2 years ago 2

5 stars

b0ss gibe me pusi

Review by Anonymous   2 years ago 1

1 stars

You might like Soarel if you enjoy being around someone who continuously lies in order to keep people from realizing that he harasses people. He has gotten several people unjustly shadowbanned but luckily the admins realized their mistake. He also has no respect for anyone who disagrees with him and will openly attempt to libel them in order to keep them from speaking out against him. I personally think this sounds like someone I'd loooove to be around.