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Review by Anonymous   1 year ago 1

3 stars


Review by TristanJeremiah   2 years ago 2

2 stars

His name is spelled wrong


4.5/5 stars from 16 reviews.

Review by iwilllurkreddit   1 year ago 0

4 stars

i thought this nigger was dead

Review by lizardsrock4   3 years ago 1

5 stars

Has more.review karma than me, wouldnt trust

Review by Bossman1086   3 years ago 2

5 stars

Very polite. Lives up to username.

Review by Anonymous   3 years ago 1

5 stars

Even leaves the caps lock on when posting anonymously, props for that

Review by pyrowolf8   3 years ago 1

5 stars

very huge-a penis

Review by flamindogpoo   3 years ago 1

5 stars

more like polite_allcaps_goy

Review by gazzawhite   3 years ago 1

5 stars

Didn't delete his account like that other guy.

Review by SwaggyMemesYall   3 years ago 3

5 stars


Review by ANAL_PLUNDERING   3 years ago 3

4 stars

I like him, but he reminds me of POLITE_ALLCAPS_GUY who I hated. 4 stars.

Review by RamsesThePigeon   3 years ago 4

5 stars

In the winter of 1967, a child was born to impoverished parents living in a sea-facing cottage in Maine. That child would go on to be a philosopher of great renown (in certain circles), and would eventually foretell the arrival of a large walrus to the moon.

While this has yet to occur, there are few who can disagree with the assertion that /u/POLITE_ALLCAPS_CUY has probably never met that alleged prophet.

Review by Boobies_Are_Awesome   3 years ago 2

5 stars

Is funny and has nice tits.

Review by altosax29b   3 years ago 5

5 stars

I have no problems with this buckaroo.

Review by dustinyo_   3 years ago 3

5 stars

I'm just glad someone took over the role of polite all caps comments.

Review by LocutusOfBorges   3 years ago 6

1 stars

needs to fucking hit the shift key once in a while