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Review by pyrowolf8   3 years ago 2

5 stars


Review by Rancid_Cheesemonger   3 years ago 2

1 stars

Wears a codpiece and an eyepatch even in winter.


4/5 stars from 5 reviews.

Review by LiterallyKesha   4 months ago 2

3 stars

I put my memes back on the shelf. My copy of The Memeologists' Guide To The World --in the fire. It's over. We've lost.

"My fellow memers, we've been checkmated," I breathe into the megaphone over the loud din of my comrades in a crowd.

A sea of meme-wielding men in trench coats saunter off, dejected... vanquished.

Review by TortoiseSex   4 months ago 2

5 stars

ilu btw :3

Review by TrackReddit   4 months ago 2

5 stars

A redditor let me know if you have any questions