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Review by Anonymous   11 months ago 1

5 stars


Review by pHorniCaiTe   11 months ago 1

1 stars

worst ever


3.5/5 stars from 11 reviews.

Review by J_Cru   4 months ago 1

5 stars

Great dude

Review by BigBlue78   1 year ago 1

5 stars

Chill dude, makes jokes

Review by MeghanAM   1 year ago 2

5 stars

And then there was only one pair of footprints; that was where Manno carried me.

Review by mannofagzorqueer   1 year ago -1

1 stars

Defends pedophiles, bans accounts that disagree with pedophilia, just another cucked virgin on a power trip.

Review by nt337   1 year ago 0

1 stars

left partyparrot, left onionhate, and is actually my alt

Review by DavidLuizshair   1 year ago 2

3 stars

Banned me from /r/DavidLuizsHair. Likes onions. lil shit.

Review by NotANestleShill   1 year ago 2

5 stars

My favorite shitpost aficionado/hockey fan

Review by ThatAstronautGuy   1 year ago 0

1 stars

Horrible excuse of a canadian

Review by Ghostise   1 year ago 2

5 stars

manno is a pretty cool mod. Eh bans shitposters and doesn't afraid of anything.