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Review by Anonymous   2 years ago 1

5 stars

Super awesome guy.

Review by _BlackAdam   2 years ago 2

5 stars

a genuine good person, always fun to have around!


5/5 stars from 7 reviews.

Review by tl2horse   2 years ago 2

5 stars

Kick-ass Redditor. Always fresh, always in focus!

Review by Handicapreader   2 years ago 2

5 stars

A pen is this person's camera.

Review by glitzyjan   2 years ago 3

5 stars

All you need to know about this redditor is that there is a sexy motorcycle involved. Five stars on that alone. Plus an amazing, warm, friendly redditor to boot. Can't beat it.

Review by redneckrockuhtree   2 years ago 3

5 stars

Professional unicorn racer; has placed 1st on the International Circuit 3 times.

Review by troll9025   2 years ago 3

5 stars

His photos blurs the line between reality and imagination.