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Review by Jusing94   5 months ago 1

5 stars

Borax has always been a pinnacle of the reddit drug community, is an honor to see him around from time to time, always bring insight onto advanced topics.

Review by abaddon-england   7 months ago 1

5 stars

Good one


5/5 stars from 6 reviews.

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Review by 18127153   2 months ago 2

5 stars

Extremely knowledgeable and helpful with harm reduction.

Review by xancity_   8 months ago 3

5 stars

This guy right here is probably one of the most intelligent people I've ever met. Dude knows his stuff that is for certain.

Review by Anonymous   10 months ago 2

5 stars

Helped to build knowledge in the community

Review by cyrilio   11 months ago 3

5 stars

This dude knows a ton and posts very insightful stuff