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  • xThistle said..aoeuidhtnszvwm, 2 weeks ago

    The best thing on Reddit. Just watching them effortlessly manipulate and dominate alt right keyboard warriors, and convincing them to upvote him for doing it. It really is art. Ahh those poor, stupid, bigots. Hope to see more of those day long takedowns of entire sub memberships in the future....

    Anonymous said..cyber_dildonics, 2 weeks ago


    Anonymous said..thumperson, 2 weeks ago

    If this is a grown man, he is definitely stunted. Never has anything of value to say, and if anyone dares to try to engage him, he throws a tantrum and runs away. Faces the world with all the rage and ignorance you'd expect from a pillow humping neckbeard who doesn't understand why none of the other 10th graders believe he has a girlfriend in Japan. But one day, he'll show them! Not really, unless crying into your keyboard suddenly becomes intimidating. Just an altogether joke of a human being....

    vancyon said..lBurnsyl, 3 weeks ago

    i love you

    Anonymous said..WaglerConure, 1 month ago

    Wags deserves 5 stars because he’s an insane fucker that likely has to wear a helmet 24/7. Don’t let his troll ass fool you though. Deep down he’s a really decent person who is worth getting to know. His grownup Dennis the Menace Ass shell is as brittle as a cracker. What kind of cracker you ask? Well, you gotta get to know him to find out, but trust me, it’s not Ritz. More likely saltines. ...

    Anonymous said..SuitingUncle620, 1 month ago

    One of the best mods on Reddit, and often misunderstood by his haters and detractors. as he speaks his mind. ...

    Morning-Chub said..pussgurka, 1 month ago

    pg pls

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